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Rod Stradling

Music for Folk and
Country Dancing

Stradivarious CDs

Stradivarious CDs Our band, Stradivarious, has performed widely for many years and has produced four English social dance CDs, a Maypole Dance CD and two Morris Dance CDs. You can listen to samples of all of the tracks and buy and download the separate tracks or buy physical CDs. More >>
A full list of available tracks is here >>
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Morris Dances

Morris DancesI have a great love of Morris Dancing and I have found that there is very little available as a teaching resource on the web. So I have recorded a selection of full-length Morris Dance tunes on two albums with digital download or physical CDs available here >>.
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Maypole Dance Music

Maypole DanceOur album of reels, jigs, hornpipes and waltzes is available as a physical CD or digital download.

The extra-long tracks give the dancers plenty of time to complete the dance.
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St Audries Bay Folk Musicians' Week

St Audries Group 2018Sadly, our St Audries Bay Folk Musicians' Weeks have come to an end following their decision to change their business model. They were great weeks. Some of the 2018 group appear in the picture to the left (taken by Pam Courtice). I have been unable to find a suitable alternative venue so we will be holding a farewell reunion at Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire OX13 6RR on 17 September 2022. It has a very large room suitable for us to play and dance. More details will be available nearer the date but please put the date in your diary if you plan to attend and you can sign up for the day here >>


Accordion MIDI Cable information

It seems to me that accordion MIDI connection cables are not very robust and there seems to be very little information available about them and, in particular, how to repair or replace them.

So, I have decided to provide some information on how my system is wired up. I hope that it helps you keep yours working well. More >>


The Accordion Pages

Chicken accordionist This is an attempt to answer some of the many questions I am asked about how I play the piano accordion. I hope that you find it interesting and I look forward to hearing your comments about my ideas. More >>


Teaching and Workshops

I often provide one-to-one tuition or group music workshops. More >>