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Scales on the bass (minor)

There are a few different ways to play minor scales on a Stradella bass.

The problem is that the bass notes are not in a convient arrangement as they are to play a major scale. The result is that for the harmonic and melodic scales the finger you start on and the finger you finish on is not the same. The good news is that you are not often called upon to play minor scales on the bass but it can mean that you have to "fudge" a change if you are, for example, playing from one octave into the adjacent one.

Bass fingering (minor scales)

This diagram (which also shows the notes transposed to the treble clef for those who find that easier to cope with) can be downloaded as a .pdf by clicking here >>

As with the major scales, once you have mastered one scale in either direction, you can play any scale using the same fingering but starting from the appropriate bass note.

Again as with the major scale, as you ascend the bass scale, note where the sound seems to drop down an octave to get back to the starting note. On my main accordion, the lowest sound on the bass side seems to be E. This might change depending on which bass couplers you select. You may think that this doesn't matter but it is worth knowing this just in case it changes the character of a tune. Sometimes on an accordion with midi fitted, the change position can be varied on the expander.

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