Rod Stradling

Rod Stradling

Music for Folk and
Country Dancing

Partial Discography

Morris Dances : A Second Season - Stradivarious, STRDV1007, 2016. More >>

Morris Dances - Stradivarious, STRDV1006, 2015 (download on iTunes). More >>

This Sceptred Isle - Stradivarious, STRDV1005, 2014. More >>

Stradivarious Celebrates - Stradivarious, STRDV1004, 2012. More >>

Maypole Dance Music - Stradivarious, STRDV1003, 2011 (download on iTunes). More >>

Blue Sky Thinking - Stradivarious, STRDV1002, 2010. More >>

Ten Years on - Halsway Manor Millennium Players, DB010CD, 2010. More >>

Late Arrivals - Stradivarious, STRDV1001, 2010. More >>

Poppy Weatherall Presents - Queens, Nags and Maggots, Poppy Weatherall, PJW001, 2009.

Holiday Folk Dance Music Volume 2, Rod Stradling and Aidan Broadbridge, AR002, 2008. More >>

Holiday Folk Dance Music Volume 1, Rod Stradling and Aidan Broadbridge, AR001, 2007. More>>

Performance Dancing with The Red Thistle Dancers, Highland Studio. Track 5. 2000.

The Halsway Millennium Players, English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh Folk Dance Music, Halsway Manor Society Ltd., DB002CD. 2000.

Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing, Boston Branch RSCDS, BOS CD001. Various tracks. 2000.

The San Francisco Collection Volume 2, SFCD1. RSCDS, San Francisco Branch. Various tracks. 1997.

Passport to the World of Music and Dance, International Dances, NS105CD. NightShade. Track 18. 1997.

Dances frae the North, Music for Dances from Scotland, FAC CD136. Folk Arts Center of New England. Various tracks. 1996.

Muckle Carfuffle, The Carfuffle Ceilidh Band, Music for Scottish Country Dancing, FAC CD134. Folk Arts Center of New England. 1992.