Rod Stradling

Rod Stradling

Music for Folk and
Country Dancing


I may not be available for dates not mentioned below due to other commitments.
Attendance at an event is subject to alteration at any time.
Band and caller information may be shown by mousing over (or touching) the date.
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      29 Dec to 02 Jan 24    Halsway Manor New Year Party
      06 Jan 24    Lichfield Folk Dance Club
      27 Jan 24    Birmingham RSCDS Burn's Night
      16 Mar 24    Preston Folk Dance Club
      21 Mar 24    Walsall Folk Dance Club
      19 May 24    Beaux of London City Reunion
      05 Jul to 07 Jul 24    Yorkshire Folk Dance Weekend
      17 Aug to 23 Aug 24    Whitby Folk Week
      30 Nov 24    Birmingham RSCDS Music Day



Caller; Ted Morse
Band; Rod Frances
Caller; Brian Stanton
Band; Rod Frances Poppy
Band; Rod Frances Poppy
Band; Rod Frances Poppy
Caller; Christine Dodd
Band; Rod Frances
Caller; Ivan Aitken
Band; Rod Frances Helen
Band; Rod Frances
Band; Rod Frances Poppy