Folk and Country Dance Music for Any Occasion


I may not be available for dates not mentioned below due to other commitments. My attendance at any event is subject to change. Please use the contact information on my Home Page to check arrangements.
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 13 Oct 18Ormskirk Folk Dance Club
 27 Oct 18Lichfield Folk Dance Club
 01 Nov 18Walsall Folk Dance Club
 29 Dec to 02 Jan 19New Year House Party, Halsway Manor
 18 Jan to 20 Jan 19Morris Ring Jigs Instructional
 26 Jan 19Burns Dance, Birmingham RSCDS
 16 Mar 19Preston Folk Dance Club
 17 Mar to 22 Mar 19Dancers' Week, Willersley Castle
 25 Mar to 29 Mar 19Anglo-Scottish Week, Halsway Manor
 31 Mar to 05 Apr 19Oxford Folk Group at Sidmouth
 08 Apr to 12 Apr 19Chingford Folk Dance Club Week
 13 Apr 19Hampton in Arden Dance
 22 Apr to 26 Apr 19Walking and Dancing Week, Halsway Manor
 24 May to 27 May 19Chippenham Folk Festival
 21 Jun to 23 Jun 19Lichfield Folk Festival
 05 Jul to 07 Jul 19Yorkshire Dance Weekend, Drax
 23 Aug to 26 Aug 19Southam Gathering
 31 Aug to 07 Sep 19St Audries Musicians’ Week
 14 Sep 19Yorkshire Day of Dance
 21 Sep 19Lichfield Folk Dance Club Ball

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You can contact Rod as follows;
Telephone; 01543 257419